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An equal opportunity employer/program.

Auxiliary aids are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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The Northern Panhandle Workforce Development Board consists of 8 Local Elected Officials: 6 County Commissioners who represent Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, and Tyler Counties, and 2 Mayors who represent the Cities of Weirton and Wheeling. There are 5 Administrative Staff and 9 American Job Center Staff who work for the Board of Directors.

Board Responsibilities

The Board of Directors oversees all American Job Center Activities and the Delivery of Training Programs and Services. As an example, the Board of Directors is responsible for selecting grant recipient(s), developing effective linkages to support employer utilization of the Local Workforce Development System and Local Workforce Investment Activities, and ensuring that Workforce Investment Activities meet the needs of employers and support economic growth in the region. Through an open, competitive solicitation process, Thomas P. Miller & Associates selected the NPWDB, Inc. to serve as the Regions One Stop Operator for the period July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2021.

Support Staff's Responsibilities

The Administrative Staff is responsible for ensuring that Board-approved terms, conditions, policies, and procedures are being adhered to at all times by subcontractors and training providers. American Job Center Staff are responsible for informing, educating, and serving eligible individuals.

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Local Elected Officials

  • Hancock County – Joe Barnabei, Chief LEO

  • City of Weirton – Tim Connell

  • Brooke County – Stacy Wise

  • Ohio County – Orphy Klempa

  • City of Wheeling – Chad Thalman

  • Marshall County – John Gruzinskas

  • Wetzel County – Lisa Heasley

  • Tyler County – David L. Kelly

Providing Individuals with the Training They Need to Get a Job or a Different Job Than What They Currently Have

Board of Directors

City of Weirton:

Affiliate Members

  • Lisa Werner

  • Theresa Kurtz

  • John Shaw

Administrative Staff

  • Rosemary Guida, Executive Director

  • Erinn Kittle, Assistant Director/EO Officer

  • Gena Saffell, MACC Coordinator/Property Officer

  • Chris Smith, Administrative Coordinator

  • Caren Knoyer, Fiscal Officer

  • Pam Hedrick, Rapid Response Coordinator

  • Katrina Dumas, Employer Services Coordinator

American Job Center Staff

  • Becky Raspperry, One Stop Operator Manager

  • Michelle Miller, Customer Services Facilitator

  • Debbie Sciarrino, Customer Services Representative

  • Darlena French, Customer Services Representative

  • Jerry Craig, Bookkeeper

  • Lisa McDonald, Lead Customer Career Planner/Data Control Coordinator

  • Valerie Susani, Customer Career Planner/Data Control Coordinator

  • Mina Paul, Customer Career Planner/Data Control Coordinator

  • Kari Huffman, Customer Career Planner/Data Control Coordinator

  • Jolene Siderich, SNAP Program Coordinator

Hancock County:

  • John Sorrenti, Chairman - Private Business Sector

  • Bill Tice - Private Business Sector

  • Walter Ruszkowski - Private Business Sector

Brooke County:

  • Kim McConnaughy  - Community-Based Organization serving Youth

  • Jon Meriwether  - Private Business Sector        

  • Mike Vitello - Labor Sector                                  

City of Wheeling:

  • John Looney, Secretary - Community-Based Organization serving Individuals with Barriers Sector

  • Rodd Haller, Treasurer - Private Business Sector

  • Dion Scripture- Private Business Sector

Wetzel County:

  • Tina Rush  - Private Business Sector

  • Debbie Bennett  - Higher Education Sector

  • Tammy Bowers - Private Business Sector

  • Thomas Welch - Private Business Sector

  • Jason Kasmirski - Joint Labor-Management Apprenticeship Sector

  • David McClain - Private Business Sector

Ohio County:

  • Michelle Olejasz - Wagner-Peyser/Unemployment Insurance Sector

  • Darcy Clark - Private Business Sector

  • Steve Terry  - Labor Sector

Marshall County:

  • Joe Donahue - Private Business Sector

  • Robert Kinnick - Vocational Rehabilitation Sector  

  • Josh Jefferson - Economic Development Sector

Tyler County:

  • Eric Peters, Chairman - Private Business Sector

  • Todd Strickler - Private Business Sector

  • Patrick Walsh,Vice- Chairman - Private Business Sector

  • Michael Novotney

  • Donnie Yeager

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