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An equal opportunity employer/program.

Auxiliary aids are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Youth training

Essential Youth Job Training Programs

Learn the Job-Hunting Skills and get the training and counseling you need to be competitive in the job market with the help of American Job Centers. We have programs specifically designed for area youths to help them learn beneficial skills for the future.

Tutoring Skills Training

From note taking and homework skills to time management and test taking, this training helps youth achieve academic success. Intensive One-on-One Tutoring can be provided with an emphasis on improving Literacy and Skills so youth can become gainfully employed.


Drop-out prevention strategies are used for youth who are still in-school. In-school youth are provided with instructional support/homework assistance while remedial tutoring is provided to out-of-school youth who learn the skills and knowledge needed to graduate or pass the TASC exam.


This type of training helps participating youth achieve grade level proficiency in math, reading, and writing. It also fosters good study habits so youth can be better prepared for employment.

Alternative Secondary School Services and Dropout Recovery Services

These services focus on those youth who have dropped out of school. Most dropouts are likely to have behavioral difficulties, academic failures, pregnancy, family or job obligations, experience problems such as poverty, incarceration, and economic hardship.


The goal is to recruit these youth back into an educational setting while providing the necessary support for the attainment of a diploma or the TASC. Dropouts can choose alternative form(s) of education whereas skills and services offered meet their needs and skills that will ultimately help prepare them for employment.

Paid and Unpaid Work Experiences

Work Experience Programs will be structured learning experiences designed for youths to gain exposure to the "World of Work."


These types of programs will take place in workplaces that may be private for-profit, non-profit or public. Length of training will be for a specific period of time. Opportunities for Career Exploration and Skill Development may be available.


Work Experience Programs may be subsidized or unsubsidized. WIOA funds may be used to pay wages to youth participants on a Work Experience Program, like a Summer Youth Work Experience Program.

Occupational Skill Training

An On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program matches employer needs with youth’s qualifications. The OJT Program provides reimbursement to the employer to allow for the extraordinary cost associated with training the youth and any additional supervision that may be needed during this period.


The employer is responsible for designing the training program for the youth at the work site. The youth is to be compensated the same wage rate, including periodic increases, as other trainees or employees who are in similar occupations with the same employer and who have similar training, experience and skills.


Youth will adhere to Workforce WV Guidance No. 15-12 – WIA Participant Drug Screening. Youth must successfully pass a WV Investment System approved drug screening test prior to enrollment into the OJT program.

Educational Training Opportunities

These opportunities mean the organization of high quality education, training and other services to help youth with different needs accelerate their education and career advancement. These opportunities are used to support a youth transition from education into and through the workforce.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development Activities are offered to support the youth in the development of his/her ability to analyze strengths and weaknesses, set personal and vocational goals and have the self- esteem, confidence, motivation and abilities to carry them out fully, participate in community life and effect positive change, guide or direct others on a course of action, influence, opinions and behavior of others and serve as a role model. Leadership Training promotes positive life skills learning.

Supportive Services

Supportive Services may be provided, if needed and necessary, especially to older youth (ages 18-24) who are participating in the ITA Program. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Transportation

  • Food Stamps

  • Health Assistance

  • Housing Assistance

  • Medical Child Health Assistance

  • Referrals to Medical Services

  • Child Care

  • Child Support

  • Dependent Care Costs

  • Work Attire

  • Earned Income Tax Credit and More

The Northern Panhandle Workforce Development Board, Inc. may also provide Comprehensive Guidance Assistance, including Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling, as well as referral to appropriate outside Counseling group(s).

Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

These services are in place to support youth transitions throughout school, achievement of a diploma, or TASC requirements and preparation for post high school “next steps.” Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling is an integral part of the “support” system that advances high quality learning and job opportunities.


It promotes successful transitions by providing opportunities for youth to acquire and master critical academic, career, personal, social and community involvement skills. These skills enable each youth to learn work, interact with others and contribute.

Adult Mentoring

An adult mentor is a person who devotes time to a youth in an effort to help them achieve his/her potential and discover their strengths. These services provide youth with assistance in defining career goals and objectives that can include job shadowing and career exploration, encouraging positive choices, supporting academic achievement, etc.

Follow-Up Services

Follow-Up Services are conducted for both in-school and out-of-school youth. Follow-Up Services include, but are not limited to:

Financial Literacy Education

These activities also address particular financial literacy needs of non-English speakers including providing support through the development and distribution of multilingual financial literacy and education materials. Services provided include helping youth create:

Entrepreneurial Skills Training

This training focuses on helping youth develop the skills necessary to start and run his/her own business. It offers youth the opportunity to gain critical skills that will open up a world of possibilities. Youth learn resilience, professionalism, self-confidence, leadership, teamwork and a host of other abilities that will prepare him/her on a pathway to success.

Labor Market Data

Youth are provided with access to the most recent Labor Market Data and trends for the region and state that will enable him/her to acquire the educational skills/training necessary to land good jobs with strong wages.

Post-Secondary Education and Training

Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) are vouchers that are used to provide training opportunities with WIOA funds. Youth, ages 18-24, benefit from being provided the opportunity to select an In-Demand Training Program of choice through ITAs. Youth who have met WIOA eligibility requirements may be provided training through an ITA at the maximum amount of $4,750 per program year not to exceed $9,500 for a two-year period.

Get the support you need during your job hunt. Call our Wheeling satellite office for details.


Helping Area Youth Prepare Themselves for the Job Market

  • Household Budgets

  • Initiate Savings Plans and Make Informed Financial Decisions About Education, Retirement, Home Ownership, Wealth Building or Other Savings Goals

  • Manage Spending

  • Credit and Debt - Including Credit Card Debt and an Awareness of the Availability and Significance of Credit Reports and Credit Scores in Obtaining Credit Including Determining Their Accuracy and Their Effect on Credit Terms

  • Understand, Evaluate, and Compare Financial Products, Services and Opportunities, etc.

  • Career Exploration

  • Group or Individual Meetings to Discuss Career and/or Education Opportunities

  • Use of the Internet to Research Education and/or Career Information

  • Mentoring

  • Tutoring

  • Job Shadowing

Follow-Up Services are provided by appropriate training providers, schools and/or participating organizations. Follow-Up Services are provided for a period of no less than 12 months. Scope of Services vary on an individual basis and may be more intensive for youth who participate in programs for a longer period of time.

Tutoring Skills Training On-the-Job Training

Youth Services Systems, Inc. (YSS, Inc.)

was awarded $391,140 in WIOA funding by

the NPWDB, Inc. to provide year-long programs and services to 126 eligible  in-school, out-of-school youth and summer youth  participants in the region for Program Year 2018-2019.

Youth Services System, Inc. (YSS, Inc.), in

coordination with the Northern Panhandle Workforce Development Board, Inc. (NPWDB, Inc.) and in conjunction with the County Commissioners in Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, Tyler and the Mayors of Weirton and Wheeling, will be operating the 2018 Summer Youth Work Experience Program. The 2018 Summer Youth Work Experience Program is being funded by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014, and will be operating on the following dates: Monday, July 9, 2018 through Thursday, August 16, 2018. Eligible youth, ages 14-24, who reside in Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel and Tyler counties and the cities of Weirton and Wheeling, will be working part-time, Monday through Thursday, 32 hours per week, for six (6) weeks and earn $9.75 per hour.


The Summer Youth Work Experience Program allows eligible youth participants to gain valuable work experience, develop a work history, and they will also be exposed to learning about Career Pathways. Youth participants are also provided with 18 hours of Career Readiness Curriculum where they will learn about the following: Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Develop Work Portfolios, How to Conduct Themselves in a Professional Manner, Financial Literacy, etc.


To learn more about how you can participate in the 2018 Summer Youth Work Experience Program, please contact Donnie Yeager at YSS, Inc. 304-233-9627 or call one of the following American Job Centers: Weirton, 304-723-5337 and speak to Tiffanie Hallack; Wheeling, 304-232-6280 and speak to Tess Paetzold or Donnie Yeager; or, New Martinsville, 304-455-6184 and speak to Jaime Long.



This WIOA Funded program or activity is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

2018 Summer Youth

Work Experience Program